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Achilles Research - Supply Chain Risk a Study of Procurement in the UK 2012
Supply chain risk - a study of procurement in the UK

Earlier this year, Achilles commissioned an independent research project into the perceptions of risk and attitudes to supplier prequalification amongst UK procurement professionals. As a provider of information and services that help companies manage global supply chains, we wanted to find out more about the importance procurement professionals place on prequalifying suppliers and the risks they need to manage.

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Forrester Research
Forrester Research - Economic Benefits of Supplier Information Management Solution 2012

In a context of an increasingly compliance-bound global marketplace, many companies struggle with supplier risk management. Stakeholders from different groups of the organisation, such as the procurement or finance department, need access to accurate, up-to-date, and validated supplier information. But data quality, cost, and availability concerns are very common. Additionally, creating, verifying, and maintaining its own supplier data is a very labour-intensive, time-consuming, and repetitive process. Companies should look for means to streamline the procurement process. This is where supplier risk and performance software and services, such as the Achilles solution, can be very valuable.

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Bravosolution - To bid or not to bid
 Bravosolution - To Bid or not to Bid? 5 Best Practices for asking RFP Questions

As the growth of eSourcing continues and more and more buyers are being exposed to electronic sourcing tools, I am finding that although the technology has evolved significantly, the methodology hasn’t necessarily kept pace.

When moving to an eSourcing solution, buyers tend to hand me a Word or Excel file and expect the RFP to be created, question for question, as an exact replica in electronic format.

eSourcing ... Voila! Or maybe not ....

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ten strategies for best in class
 Bravosolution - Ten Strategies for Best-in-Class Public Sector Procurement

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