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What Matters Now – How to win in a world of relentless change, ferocious competition and unstoppable innovation

Spring 2011-12



Authors: Gary Hamel
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Price: £17.21/$26.95

Gary Hamel has chosen not to fete the successful businesses of today in his latest offering, but plea to reinvent management. In an era in which capitalism is considered morally bankrupt by a vocal minority and the majority are questioning the current models of business, Hamel aims to steer readers through the issues to address to move towards achieving the “moral renaissance” of business that is needed.

Focusing on five issues – values, innovation, adaptability, passion and ideology – he suggests that organisations have come to seem inhuman because of a management ideology that is defined by control, which creates less economic value than it used to. Employees should be at least “a little bit angry” because managers seem not to be empowering them, but to be indifferent to employee engagement. Organisations need to turn themselves inside out and focus more on the individual, and give them more control. The book is bang up to date – commenting on the Eurozone crisis and News International’s phone hacking scandal – but many of the ideas sound familiar.

Highlights recent crises and what we can learn from them
Cons: Lots of familiar ideas

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