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  • Tracking the economy Data with destinyPurchasing managers' indices give you the opportunity to track economic change and forecast future trends affecting your organisation armed with facts, not opinion, says John Glen
  • An uncertain forecastThe oil price is the most extreme example of recent volatility in the commodities market, but many other products are likely to see significant peaks and troughs over the coming year
  • Ira Gaberman Leadership of tomorrowAT Kearney recently surveyed CIPS Fellows and 'Fellows of the Future' on their views of effective leadership. Ira Gaberman explains what will be required from future leaders in the profession
  • Web sharing How to implement gain-share agreementsRisk-reward or gain-share commercial agreements are increasing in popularity, but poorly executed implementation can destroy rather than drive added value, warn Paul Vincent and Christoph Marr
  • Cog illustration - Ikon A vital componentProcurement capability can be hampered when purchasing decisions are beset by organisational challenges and 'soft' issues. In this extract from Sigi Osagie's new book Procurement Mojo, he discusses why organisations must give equal focus to both procurement effectiveness and efficiency if they want to build a credible procurement brand and capability to match
  • Sector focus: Oil & GasThe rapid fall in the price of oil over the past six months has thrown up numerous challenges for the industry. Paul Snell drills into the detail
  • Scott Fletcher Interview: Scott FletcherAs well as being owner and chairman of ANS, Scott Fletcher heads up companies with a total valuation of more than £75 million. He talks to SB about current challenges and innovations in the IT industry
  • Russian dolls - iStock Scalable procurementHow can businesses with limited procurement resources ensure that they are deployed in the most efficient and effective way? Dave Nellist offers advice on building a scalable procurement framework
  • Homing pigeons © Luke Brookes It's coming homeInsourcing is not just an option for when outsourcing deals turn sour – it's a means to gaining competitive edge
  • Millennial maternity ward © Robert Ball Talking about the Y generationThe Millennial generation has a different set of talents, behaviours and desires which are reshaping the workplace. How can organisations attract and retain this new breed?
  • Beer glasses clinking © Shutterstock Go drink beer with your suppliersFar from being a light-hearted suggestion, this is actually an essential component for securing collaborative working – although not with every supplier, says Jonathan O'Brien.
  • Eli Goldratt © Sam Kesteven Finding the 'Herbies' in global service processesBob Lillis says the principles for addressing bottlenecks in manufacturing, as outlined in business book The Goal 30 years ago, are just as valid for the management of global service processes.
  • "The balance of power" illustration © Fernando Volkin Togni The balance of powerPost-recession we are entering a world of scarcity that will move the balance of power away from buyers into the hands of suppliers. Organisations that have nurtured customer of 
choice programmes will gain the most, says Rima Evans.
  • "It's time to measure up" graph 1 It's time to measure upThe findings from the inaugural ROSMA Performance Check show procurement 
must clarify its value to the c-suite. Anna Scott reports.
  • Delegates at NATO Summit 2014 © NATO Summit Wales 2014 Watching with interestThe economic recovery coupled with political instability has put the spotlight on interest rates. John Glen explains what the impact of a potential rise might have on businesses.
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January 2015
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