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  • Cigarette manufacturing © Shutterstock Defining supply chain strategy in the process industryTraditionally process industries have paid much less attention to supply chain management in comparison to other sectors, but the tide is turning as pressures on sales, prices and costs bite.
  • Spotlight © Shutterstock Five tips to keep your supply chain out of the spotlightWhat can businesses do to effectively manage supplier relationships and decrease the risk associated with international partners? Martin Berr-Sorokin provides some guidance.
  • Wedding couple kissing in rain © Shutterstock How risk-free is your supply chain?Filed accounts and credit scores are an incomplete guide to supply chain risk, argues Richard Nixon of Collinson Grant
  • Workers on Foxxcon assembly line, China © Alamy From buyer to entrepreneurThe procurement function has a unique chance to transform its value proposition in the next decade, say Peter Spiller and Nicolas Reinecke from McKinsey & Company.
  • Lagos, Nigeria © Robert via Wikipedia MINT sourcesThe economist who coined the term BRIC economies has identified four new emerging nations – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey – to keep an eye on. John Glen explains what businesses need to know about them.
  • "Getting your message across" © Fernando Volken Togni Getting your message acrossRima Evans looks at how procurement teams are turning to branding and marketing to boost their corporate programmes and get other staff on board.
  • "The seven pillars..." illustration © Mitch Blunt The seven pillars of successful strategic purchasingWhat are the critical elements that enable a high-performing procurement function? Giles Breault and Sammy Rashed identify the key 
factors and advise what they look like.
  • Big data © Shutterstock Bright lights big dataBig data is being touted as the answer to the transformation of all aspects of business, including procurement and supply chain. But behind all the marketing hype does it actually have any value for CPOs?
  • Times Square © Shutterstock CFOs and CPOs: want more bang for your advertising bucks?Tom Denford says media spend falls under the radar far too often and it requires diligent governance to be able to deliver properly.
  • Barack Obama © Shutterstock Sector focus: HealthcareHealthcare provision is facing enormous resource challenges all round the world, and providers, in both the public and private sectors, are searching anxiously for new models that can meet the demands, as Andrew Pring reports.
  • Meet the new boss...A new CEO can be both a challenge and an opportunity for a CPO, giving them the chance to prove their worth and win greater influence. Andrew Pring explains how to make an impact.
  • High spiritsHigh performance workplace cultures strive to grow their employees along with their profits – and supporters insist any costs are more than covered by the impressive results.
  • "Making the world go round" illustration © Fernando Volken Togni Making the world go roundFor many commodities the immediate outlook is for a Goldilocks market, one that's not too hot and not too cold. But don't get too settled, says Nick Martindale.
  • Babs Omotola © Akin Falope Growth in the pipelineAndrew Pring meets Babs Omotowa to find out how the managing director and chief executive officer of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas meets the challenges in the industry.
  • Woman walking passed food rubbish © Alamy Waste not, want notAs a UN report shows a shocking amount of the world's food goes to waste, the procurement and supply chain profession is well placed to address the situation.
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March 2014
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