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Economic downturn special collection

This special collection brings together 25 articles published in the print edition of CPO Agenda and on CPOAgenda.com during the past 12 months. These are grouped under the following headings:




How to…



Simply click on the headline to view the article or 'Read executive summary' for a 200-word precis. PLEASE NOTE that articles marked with an orange padlock symbol are only accessible to subscribers to the print edition of CPO Agenda. Subscribers get full online access to all back content.


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Doing more with less

by Nick Martindale

The pressures of the global downturn are increasing workloads and reducing headcount, challenging CPOs to deliver superior results with fewer resources

Spring 2009


A fine balancing act

by Nicolas Reinecke, Nicklas Garemo and Guido Baier

At the same time as helping to improve their firms’ cash positions, CPOs must keep key suppliers healthy and take advantage of strategic opportunities

Spring 2009


An upside to the downturn

by Stephen Finch, Ashley Hubka and Grégory Kochersperger

Current economic conditions give CPOs the chance to build an organisation that not only protects against the downside of purchasing-related risks but also captures the upside

Spring 2009


Responding to recession

by Nick Martindale

The global economic crisis has already hit most CPOs, who must now balance pressure to cut costs with the need to keep suppliers in business

Winter 2009-09




Nokia doubles savings target, cuts 50 sourcing staff
by Geraint John

Nokia’s indirect sourcing function is expected to deliver double its usual level of cost savings this year in response to the economic downturn but with 50 fewer staff.

30 April 2009

Siemens looks to procurement to improve its fortunes
by Geraint John

German industrial giant Siemens wants to make significant cuts in procurement spend over the next 12 months to help compensate for declining orders, revenue and profitability.

29 April 2009

Firms push hard on payment terms despite the risks
by Geraint John

Significant numbers of British and German firms are seeking to extend payment terms with key suppliers even though a majority acknowledge that it will be unsustainable for some of them.

27 April 2009

Supplier risk ‘not getting sufficient attention’
by Nick Martindale

Procurement organisations are paying insufficient attention to the issue of supplier risk despite the threat of key partners going out of business, a global study suggests.

21 April 2009

Supplier instability has a negative impact on European firms
by Geraint John

A majority of European CPOs believe that suppliers’ financial health has worsened in recent months and is having an adverse effect on their businesses, according to a new poll.

17 April 2009

Leading CPOs focus on innovation, not just cost
by Geraint John

Top-performing CPOs will emerge from the recession able to demonstrate value created from innovating with suppliers, rather than just cost cutting, according to a leading headhunter.

17 April 2009

Procurement warned over short-term tactics
by Nick Martindale

Procurement organisations have been accused of jeopardising long-term supplier relationships by reverting to short-term, tactical approaches when renegotiating contracts in the economic downturn.

8 April 2009

P&G procurement chief warns against ‘price attack’
by Geraint John

One of the world’s leading CPOs has warned of the dangers of aggressive “price attack” tactics by procurement functions during this recession.

30 March 2009


‘Short sighted’ supplier payment delays warning
by Geraint John

Companies that impose extended payment terms in this recession will kill trust and push suppliers into bankruptcy, a leading US academic has warned.

20 February 2009


Supply chains hold the key to cost cutting
by Geraint John
Supply chain functions offer the biggest source of cost reduction during the recession, according to a global survey of business leaders.

20 February 2009


Managers lack ability to motivate talented staff
by Geraint John
A significant minority of line managers are ill equipped to keep talented staff motivated during the downturn, according to new research.
20 February 2009


Collaboration vital to ward off recession
by Geraint John
Greater collaboration with suppliers is essential if companies are to stay healthy during the recession.
23 January 2009




How to… make the most of the web

by Jason Busch

With travel budgets constrained, make the most of the rich ideas, networking and personal development opportunities available online

Spring 2009


Reading suppliers’ vital signs

by Dan O’Regan

To diagnose suppliers most at risk of failure, CPOs need to move beyond traditional sources of intelligence and enlist staff at several levels

Winter 2008-09


How to… improve organisational efficiency

by Carolyn Woznicki

With the heat turned up, Johnson Controls’ CPO offers five tips for a more streamlined purchasing experience

Winter 2008-09


How to… survive a slowdown

by Joe Sandor and Gary Ragatz
With the western world in an economic funk, here’s eight tips for managing in a downturn
Spring 2008




Why supplier bashing won't do

by Willem van Oppen

Procurement must work with suppliers to reduce the cost of poor quality, not simply try to impose price cuts

17 April 2009

SRM in turbulent times

by John Henke

Despite the heat, now is not the time to put supplier relationship management on the back burner

Spring 2009


There is no quick fix

by John Walker

In the current climate CPOs must judge each project on its merits and avoid the temptation to follow the latest fad

Spring 2009


Our time has come

by Ralf Garczorz

The economic downturn offers a unique opportunity for the procurement profession and CPOs to gain wider recognition

Winter 2008-09


China’s response to the downturn

by Karl Alomar

The global economic crisis has hit the Chinese economy, which is now undergoing a period of retrenchment that should benefit foreign buyers

Winter 2008-09




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