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Supply Business
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July 2014 cover 128x166

Contents from the July 2014 edition of Supply Business


Opportunity knocks

CPOs have to start thinking carpe diem, rather than hasta manyana, says Supply Business acting managing editor Paul Snell.

Why status matters

Try to actively shape the future rather than have it shaped for you, says CIPS group CEO David Noble.


Round-up - July 2014

Cup winner: how to build trust over a coffee; Apple proves it still has bite; Power balance tips towards suppliers; GM drops down SRM rankings; The importance of change projects; Long-term strategies are overrated; Influence is key issue for procurement.

Sound bites - July 2014

Executives, the public and politicians on matters of business, procurement and supply.

CSR update - July 2014

Brewer’s drive to reduce CO2; Nestlé targets all tier-one suppliers; Mars commits to palm oil policy; Increased focus on sustainability; Great expectations for motor suppliers; Responsibility to local suppliers.

Strategy for the corporate level: where to invest, what to cut back and how to grow organisations with multiple divisions

Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, Marcus Alexander, Michael Goold  |  Jossey-Bass  |  £34.99/$60

The mindful international manager: how to work effectively across cultures (second edition)

Jeremy Comfort, Peter Franklin  |  Kogan Page  | £24.99/$34.95

Innovation governance

Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Beebe Nelson  |  Jossey-Bass  |  £29.99/$50


Five minutes with Richard Arnold

The managing director of Manchester United sat down with Supply Business to talk about the challenges the club faces and how to manage partnerships with other companies.

Leadership tips with Richie Nanda

International security tycoon Richie Nanda shares his leadership style and the best advice he has received with Supply Business.

Executive coach - July 2014

Dick Russill answers readers’ questions on a CEO’s attitude to procurement, customer satisfaction, and the dos and don’ts of a procurement transformation project.

The negotiator - July 2014

Mike Inman shares a story from his time at General Motors when a buyer took negotiations with one supplier off the table.

Tools of other trades: Francesca Bennett

Connect with your internal stakeholders by using PR tips to drive involvement and advocacy.


Bear necessities

As hostilities fester between Russia and Ukraine, it is vital for Europe’s business leaders to know their supply chain risks – and what sanctions are being imposed, says Andrew Pring.

The spectre of deflation

Declining prices may sound like good news for buyers, but the prospect of deflation is a worry for governments, says CIPS economist John Glen.

High impact losses

With supply chain risk a growing business issue, research suggests CPOs may need to reconsider their mitigation strategies, says Paul Snell.

What goes around comes around

Companies are increasingly judged on how they respond to product recalls. CPOs should be prepared for and involved in the process, Rima Evans is told.

Buyer’s journey

Rima Evans talks to Pieter Swarts, CPO at Dutch company KPN, about his brief to transform the procurement function in a fast-moving telecoms market, using the CEO’s key themes of ‘strengthen’, ‘simplify’ and ‘grow’.

Training for all

A squeeze on discretionary spend has taken its toll on training budgets. How are businesses continuing to develop employees on reduced resources?

Joining forces looks good again

Thanks to better trading conditions companies are looking to develop strategies for the upturn. Mergers and acquisitions are on the increase and the experts Nick Martindale  spoke to insist procurement should be involved ‘from the very beginning’ – to assess risks, work out cost synergies and make savings.

Pulling together

Leveraged purchasing helps businesses to save on costs and avoids the problems of a consortium, say Leon Smith and Nabeel Irshad.

COR workout

It is time for CPOs and their teams to adopt a quantitive cost of risk approach, becoming as good at negotiating and valuing risk as they are with other aspects of the process.

Sector focus: aerospace

Demand for civilian airliners is sky-high, but manufacturers’ margins are being squeezed – sending shockwaves through the supply chain as managers are forced to focus on indirect costs.

Undercover CPO

CSR shouldn’t cost the earth

The head of procurement at a large global business gives his reflections on corporate life.

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