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Contents from the September 2014 edition of Supply Business


Power struggle

The shifting of the balance of power from buyers to supplier means it is too late to try and become a customer of choice now, says Paul Snell.

On the front line

Gain a competitive advantage by getting contingency and risk management right, says David Noble.


Round-up - September 2014

Survival of the fittest; Secrets of prime procurement; Europe reliant on Russian gas; SRM still needed in purchasing teams; Audit tenders rise for FTSE 350; Global firms sign up to prompt pay pledge; Title of CPO ‘did damage to profession’.

Sound bites - September 2014

Executives, the public and politicians on matters of business, procurement and supply.

CSR update - September 2014

Ivory supply chain identified; New sustainability plans for Kellogg’s; Nestlé to improve animal welfare; Palm oil promise from PZ Cussons; Ships to slow to save US whales; Supply Chain School to aid FM.

Risk roundup - September 2014

Disruption expected; Risk ROI still low; Don’t ‘bury your head’.

Contract and Risk Management for Supply Chain Management Professionals

X Paul Humbert, Robert C Mastice  |  The Humbert Group  |  £84.06/$139.99

Successful Outsourcing and Multi-Sourcing

Derek Parlour  |  Gower | £65/$109.95

Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning: Value creation for business leaders and practioners

Jared Dean  |  Wiley  |  £42.50/$60


Five minutes with Mhairi McEwan

The CEO and co-founder of Brand Learning, formerly vice president of marketing for Europe at PepsiCo and vice president for marketing at Walkers Snack Foods, explains how the company measures its workforce.

Leadership tips with Sarah Orecchia

The owner of natural health business UnBEElievable Health sits down with Supply Business to discuss leadership style, mentors and more.

Executive coach - September 2014

Dick Russill answers readers’ questions on procurement fraud and the things leading procurement organisations do differently.

The negotiator - September 2014

Mike Inman explores the issues surrounding the practice of using supplier-provided data to shift the balance of power.

Tools of other trades: Christopher Smith

Can a coaching mindset help develop the way you lead?


Watching with interest

The economic recovery coupled with political instability has put the spotlight on interest rates. John Glen explains what the impact of a potential rise might have on businesses.

It’s time to measure up

The findings from the inaugural ROSMA Performance Check show procurement must clarify its value to the c-suite. Anna Scott reports.

Performance principles

Performance-based contracting emphasises outcomes and results when procuring products, aligning buyer and supplier incentives.

The balance of power

Post-recession we are entering a world of scarcity that will move the balance of power away from buyers into the hands of suppliers. Organisations that have nurtured customer of choice programmes will gain the most, says Rima Evans.

Heir to the throne

Skill shortages are a perennial problem for procurement leaders. Rigorous succession planning and building talent and opportunities within the organisation are very much part of the solution.

A force to be reckoned with

On the 35th anniversary of Michael E Porter’s How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy, his five forces continue to energise strategic thinking, says Dick Russill.

Skilful conductor

Carlos Mena, Remko van Hoek and Martin Christopher examine the four key factors that define transformational leaders and how they impact competitive advantage.

Meeting the benchmark

The rise of outsourcing has required a change to the way companies measure themselves against peers. Here are eight considerations when choosing a provider.

Being true to SRM

The authors argue that SRM needs to manage all supplier interactions in relation to business objectives, drive desired behaviour at suppliers and achieve internal alignment – they describe this as TrueSRM.

Turning your suppliers into assets

Got good relations with your suppliers? You should have, because there’s money to be made from it, says John Henke.

Sector focus: grocery

The UK grocery market is changing rapidly, driven by changing consumer spending habits as a result of the global downturn and the increasing popularity of new shopping options, Rima Evans reports.

Undercover CPO

Coming of age or growing up?

The head of procurement at a large global business gives his reflections on corporate life.

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